Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Successful languages have bearded designers

Bertrand Meyer (source Wikipedia)
Dislaimer: this post is a joke.
I have been an avid Slashdot reader since I got on the net when I started university. Yesterday I was naively reading "Why new programming languages succeed or fail" when I stumbled upon the first comment: «Everyone knows it's the Amount of Facial hair» which lead me to this "ancient"  blog entry.
Please read that entry blog, from which I'm taking many of the following photos.
See some designers of successful, widespread languages: C, Basic (entire generations started with it), C++, Python, Ruby, Java, PHP.
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The student will usefully discover the name of each designer and his language.

Now let's see creators of famous yet-not-so-used or not-so-used-anymore programming languages or recent photos of the creators of not-so-fashionable-as-they-were languages that are losing ground: Fortran, Ada and Simula and C++ (in recent years)

image imageimage

Now some photos of Bertrand Meyer.
I'm pretty sure you note a striking similarity with one of the previous groups.
Oh, have you really seen it?
So please, Bertrand grew some beard or put a properly-bearded computer scientist in charge of Eiffel's future.

To end this blog entry with style here's a virtual exchange of spicy quotes:
«There are only two things wrong with C++: The initial concept and the implementation.» and «C++ is the only current language making COBOL look good.» – Bertrand Meyer
«There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses.» Bjarne Stroustrup

Long life and prosper, dear Meyer! Thanks for Eiffel and OOSC!

Don't cross commands and queries:  it would be bad. Me, know, paraphrasing Egon Spengler