Tuesday, December 20, 2011

diff "Eiffel: the language" "GNU Eiffel"

We have been asked for some informations about the differences between the language originally described in "Eiffel: the language" (1992 by Bertrand Meyer) and those accepted by the current GNU/Smart/Liberty Eiffel compiler.
Such a request is not only reasonable but requires some answer: there have been several additions and quite a few changes to the language.
The main changes are:
  1. Creation procedures
  2. agents
  3. conformance of agents 
  4. anonymous, in-lined agents (a_command(12, "Foo", agent (x: INTEGER): REAL is do Result:=x.to_real ^ 2 end )
  5. insert, also known as "non-conforming inheritance"
  6. case sensitivity
  7. inspect allow for integer intervals... 
  8. FLOAT is replaced with REAL
  9. There is no NONE (pun intended :-)
  10. other I don't recall now.
To keep things tidy I am writing a separate post for each point.

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