Wednesday, February 22, 2012

JavaScript backend?

Did anyone saw me writing about an Eiffel to Javascript compiler?
Well indeed I was pondering about using Liberty as a language for the Web 2.0, AJAX, anything having a JavaScript interpreter.
Is there any recent appliance that does not have a JavaScript interpreter built-in these days?
We cannot afford being cut-out of this!
We need a JavaScript backend, so that Liberty actually becomes an Eiffel-to-Javascript compiler!
Yet we have to deal with resource limitations, most notably a chronic lack of time.
Here enters Emscripten, the LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler.
As written elsewhere in this blog we were already targetting LLVM, so Emscripten is really a blessing from heaven above: it takes compiles from LLVM bytecode to JavaScript. Bingo!
Compiling to LLVM will automagically make Liberty an Eiffel-to-Javascript compiler.
You may get the source code and read about it from (in ), a blog continued in

Actually there are some enjoyable considerations about how such a tool shall be called:
  • Q. Is this really a compiler? Isn't it better described as a translator?
    A. Well, a compiler is usually defined as a program that transforms source code written in one programming language into another, which is what Emscripten does. A translator is a more specific term that is usually used for compilation between high-level languages, which isn't exactly applicable. On the other hand a decompiler is something that translates a low-level language to a higher-level one, so that might technically be a valid description, but it sounds odd since we aren't going back to the original language we compiled from (C/C++, most likely) but into something else (JavaScript).


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